Dayton Hamvention 2018 – Forum Presentation

My Engineering presentation at the 2018 Dayton Hamvention AMSAT forum. There is a PDF version for viewing, and the original pptx version for fodder.

You may reuse the information in this presentation in its entirety as a presentation, or by the use excerpts from this presentation to enhance your own presentation, so long as you do not alter the original wording when making your own slides.  That condition is required in order to help prevent misunderstandings of the intent or content of AMSAT’s satellite programs.

Please check to verify whether AMSAT has announced any new information for these launch dates prior to making your slides and in the case of a discrepancy with the information in this file, you may update the material that you will use to reflect the new launch period information provided by AMSAT.

Hamvention Engineering 2018 (PowerPoint)

Hamvention Engineering 2018 (PDF)